Food Data Hack

An experiment in the structure of hackathons as informal design events, which brought together stakeholders in the local food system, designers, and developers


The Atlanta Food Data Hack took place March 9th, 2013. It was a 1-day event that brought together designers, programmers, farmers and food producers, advocates and entrepreneurs to conceptualize and prototype new uses of information and communication technologies in support of local food issues and food systems.Through this event we explored ways that digital media and design could be used to support local food initiatives and to grow a community of producers and stakeholders committed to the principles of open government. The event was a platform for bringing together individuals, organizations, data, tools, and desires that might be combined towards ongoing design work for local food systems.

Organizers included: City of Atlanta Office of Innovation Delivery, Atlanta Community Food Bank, Atlanta Local Food Initiative (ALFI), and the Public Design Workshop.

Concepts developed from the 1st Food Data Hack have been further developed in subsequent hackathons, courses, and independent projects with local organizations.

View video documentation of the Food Data Hack